Organization Synergy: Thinking Systems

In systems everything that happens affect everything else. All parts o he organization affects one another. One decision can go a long way to impact the whole organization. . Systems is a unified multi-dimensional force and pattern. It involves communication channels, organizational structures, management policies, administrative procedures etc.

People are a critical part of every system. Without people business systems do not work. Assist employees to adapt to the system. Most times they want to fight the system, you always need to think in terms of the whole system. No matter how simple a situation or activity may seem, consider its possible effects on your organization. Encourage consensus, on issues, Think and act in terms of the greater good of the organization. Do not favour one part and leave the other, understand a change in one part affects the whole part. For example an airline passenger missed a hand luggage where he had his documents for presentation and the airline failed to deliver the luggage. The customers experience will affect the other divisions of the airline because he will relate his story and experience to many others flying that airline and those not flying. That one experience will impact other divisions pot the organization, the sales will drop, customers will complain, and more.

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