Can Everyone Be a Manager, Can Everyone Lead?

Warren Ben Management skills are controllable which are all under the control of the individual manager. and it is that coined that managers do the right Thing and leaders think of the right thing. So leaders are visionary and managers are implementers. Management role is behavioural, not personality attributes or stylistic tenderizes.  Management are actions that individuals person in that role.  Managers should be good communicators, good listeners, managers of stress and time, decision makers, motivators and influencers, good team builders. Management skills can be developed hence the improvement in managerial performance. It can be learned. A leadership be learnt too? Yes leadership is a skill too which was not taught in management school for a while.,  But now we know that just as we teach management we can teach ;leadership and people can learn how to be good leaders. Leaders set vison, they have the vision for the organization and the manager implements.

In a research study the key skills of manager have diverted form the PODSCORB 9 Planning, Organizing, Directing, Controlling, etc top team building supportive communicator assertiveness and control, innovativeness and rational decision-making.  The skills require hard driving, participatory, nurturing and competitive. “

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