How Can Organizations Turn Employees to Entrepreneurial Thinkers

Let them have an understanding of the organization. Understanding of its goals, Mission, and Vison. The key reasons for existence of the organizations must be very explicit. Help your employees understand the workings of the organization by exposing them to books, articles, journals, and stories of the past that has impacted the organization.  Encourage them to identify with what they can do to contribute to the success of the organization. Encourage them to share ideas, lead task forces and take responsibility. Encourage them to understand the workings of the organization.

Demonstrate how the organization operates. How we make money, and what is key to us as an organization. Expose them to documents on strategic plans, analyse scenarios that shows the impact of an employee to the organization.  Help them see the big picture.

Help them understand the competition. The competition is health ways of measuring ourselves, encourage them to respect the competitor, encourage them to research on competitors’ profile.  Encourage them to join associations and let them see the impact of the competitor on the organization. Encourage them to read books and journals in the industry.

Encourage intelligent Risk Taking: Creative and calculated risk can be an advantage to an organization. Treat mistakes as technical movements and move on. Encourage them to be risk averse and see risk s creative ways of expression.

Help the employees understand the difference between healthy choices and foolish chances.  Set examples, try new things. Inspire creativity and innovation in thinking. Teach them to keep ahead of the situation. Set aside special time to brainstorm. Support innovative ideas and help them to implement. Use music to inspire creative energy., believe in them and encourage them to try new ways of doing things. Encourage freedom of expression and creative thinking.

Lastly help them feel like they own the business. Respect their viewpoints.

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