The Executive Leadership Certificate Program


Executive leadership certificate course collaboration with partner University of Salamanca, Spain.
This exciting week-long program exposes Heads of organizations and CEO’s, Senior Management and business owners to some key elements that will help you to successfully execute business ideas. It will expose you to strategies to tackle challenges within the organization and create value for the organization. Creativity and Innovation skills and ideas are honed during this week-long interaction.
It is a common misconception that leadership is an individual phenomenon, but key leadership skills are needed to drive organizations in the complex environment which requires collaboration and much more. Such as the art of Negotiation, strategic thinking, innovation, and knowledge and thought leadership.
This program will help you to tap into your leadership power to think creatively. You will learn skills that will help you to evaluate the potency of decision making, change processes and learn how to operate as a transformative leader. You will do this through engaging material, dynamic discussions, and challenging exercises.
Once you successfully complete all the modules, you will be equipped with useful frameworks and skills to apply to your organizational challenges.

Who Should Attend

This program is appropriate for high ranking officers in public and private sectors, Directors, Heads of organizations, Ceo’s, Senior management officers and business owner-managers in a range of industries who are looking to better understand how to create value for their company, organization, or unit. Whilst the material is applicable to anyone who is interested in bringing knowledge to their organization that could impact future business decisions, it would be particularly beneficial to the following:

  • Executives/ Directors
  • Senior Level Managers of organizations
  • Business Managers
  • Heads of Divisions
  • Marketing executives
  • Strategy teams
  • Policy Makers
  • Political office holders

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to uncover your individual leadership style and develop strength
  • Have the unique opportunity to widen your local perspective, through creativity and innovative ideas
  • Get a better understanding of important factors in leadership, such as culture and emotional intelligence and decision making in a fast-changing environment
  • Learn how to adopt strategic thinking and management to real-world challenges to your environment
  • Discover tools and principles to help actively manage the process of identifying and creating valuable business opportunities that build your company or organization’s competitive advantage.
  • Customer focus and change management
  • Cultivating culture in organizations and leading in a diverse environment

day one

Module 1 & 2

  • Review of leadership concept
  • Leadership Emotional Intelligence competence and Strategic Thinking
  • Driving Creativity and Innovation in organizations
  • Case study and group work on the model
  • Class exercise

Module 3 & 4

  • Realigning culture in organizations
  • Strategic Management and knowledge era thinking
  • Focus on customer relationships and negotiations
  • Developing and Building Knowledge in organizations
  • Case study and business experiences

day two

day three

Module 5 & 6

  • Leading change in organizations
  • Leading and Managing in a global environment
  • Review of 21st-century trends in Leadership
  • Concept and case studies
  • Case study and real-life experiences

Program Benefits

Here are some benefits of taking the leadership program that will help you evolve as a better professional:

To gain self-confidence

To change across organizational boundaries: build strategic alliances, partnerships, and ‘extended enterprise’ networks; synergies and collaboration across departments; network management and global connectivity; building a ‘one enterprise’ culture across borders and boundaries.

Provide room for introspection

Creativity and Innovation in Leadership is a key skill in 21st-century leadership. The program will help you learn how to respond in testing times, allowing you to take charge of the situation in ambiguous environment This will enable you to identify key strengths needed to forge strong collaborations and connectivity to your advantage in the global world.

Work as a team

Strategic Thinking and Management requires teamwork. A leader is not a one-man army. They may provide direction, but it requires a team to execute the decision taken by the one with authority. Hence, the program will help you in understanding the significance of team building. It will allow you to identify the quality of each individual in your team and use their positives to benefit the project.

Interact with other leaders

The program will not just limit you to learning the key benefits about leadership skills but will provide ample exposure by initiating interaction with other leaders, giving you room to draw inferences from their experience and co-exist with them to understand the issue of conflict of ideas and ways to resolve them.

Build your analytical skills

As a leader or an entrepreneur, it is important to have good analytical knowledge about the business and the project that you are heading. This aids in adopting reductive measures to minimize the chances of committing a mistake on the work front. Through the program, one can learn to take evaluative decisions that are beneficial for the company.

Enhance your Leadership Strategic IQ

As a leader, it takes the perspective of the CEO/General Manager formulating and implementing the strategy in fast-changing environments. The course is essentially integrative, Gain understanding and more perspective into why some companies fail to change in a timely manner diagnoses the causes of this inertia and identify how this might be avoided.